Is it too late to start YouTube, especially for business, like is it too crowded? I actually wanna share those with you right now so you could see some little-known facts about YouTube, and why it matters to you for building your brand and your business faster this year. Check out this clip. (upbeat music) YouTube can absolutely change your life and your business because it’s changed mine, and that’s why I think it’s so important that we learn today.

And there are a few things why also we need to really be paying attention to YouTube so that we can grow faster. And so here’s a few stats that are important to note. YouTube right now has two billion monthly users who watch over 250 million hours on TV screens daily. So there’s actually been a major boost in the living room footprint. Watch time on YouTube TV screens is going up all the time, and so I think that’s something to definitely pay attention to.

Plus, that is two billion with a B. That is people with Gmail accounts, like logged-in, active users on YouTube. 96% of 18 to 24-year-olds of American Internet users use YouTube. That means all of ’em. I mean (chuckles) that’s not like getting 96%.

That’s like 100% like everybody 18 to 24 is basically on YouTube, but check this out. Half of American Internet users aged 75 and overuse YouTube.

Stunning, right, and so if you wanna even take a screenshot, here’s the breakdown right now of users on the platform. It’s across the board like YouTube has mass saturation. It is a primary player but I have a question.

Who here, you actually do have an active YouTube channel, or you’re doing YouTube advertising? Please raise your hand as high as possible. Okay, ouch, that hurts pretty bad, and I guess that’s maybe why I’m here. We have about four or 5% of the room on YouTube, but there are so many people on YouTube to reach. (screen whooshes) Hey, if you’re getting value out of this video, can you hit the Like button?

Thanks so much. Let’s get back into it. YouTube is the second-most visited website in existence, and the second-largest search engine in the world. It’s in 96 countries in 80 different languages, as far as serving content, but this is where things get really crazy. 68% of people use YouTube to help make purchase decisions.

Yeah, and 9%, only 9% of United States small businesses are using YouTube, so that actually doesn’t surprise me about the buy-in, about the engagement.

And I’ve often pondered about why this is or why this isn’t but I think we have an opportunity today to learn, and I would say we have to get on this platform because it’s so powerful. This is an older stat but research shows that at current spend levels, YouTube delivered a higher ROI than TV in 77% of studies. From our tests and in our business, we run ads on multiple platforms. YouTube continues to deliver a higher RPI and more stable and lower CPMs than many other platforms.

So why are you not there? So hey, if you got value out of this short clip, smash the Like button, and how crazy is that? That less than 10% of U.S. small businesses are actually using YouTube, and you know what that tells me?

You gotta jump in.

You gotta dive in and get active on YouTube right now ’cause the opportunity is so massive. And look, this was actually a part of a four-part series that we’re doing from this University of San Diego talk. So if you wanna watch other videos in this series about the three best ways to leverage YouTube marketing right now, just click at the top of the screen or I’ll put a link to that playlist in the description below. And also, we recently just finished up a brand-new report on how today’s top brands are leveraging YouTube to grow their businesses.

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