3 Easy Online Marketing Tips To Increase Your Online Visibility


After spending pretty much a decade in terms of content creation, in terms of sales, in terms of marketing, and doing this thing, here are some things that I noticed. While many of you may not know, for a really long time, I never wanted to be, and first of all, in front of camera, doing videos like this. All I wanted to do was, first of all, not to get visibility. All I wanted to do was remain anonymous online, make money online.

And I never thought about being in the limelight or getting more visibility, and I never even wanted to be marketing under my name Peng Joon, and if you know my story, some of you might know that for a really long time, I used to use this pen name to market my stuff online called Tony Sanders. I pretty much took Tony Robins as well as Colonel Sanders and I merged these two names together. And I never wanted to be in the limelight. However, one of the things I realized is that if I could get over the fear of being judged and criticized, ’cause you probably know that social media can be really, really brutal, that was when I discovered the next step to my business, and in this video, I’m going to show you exactly three simple way to get more visibility for your business as well as for yourself if you choose to.

Number one is consistency.

Consistency of putting content out there. I mean if you think about all of the different results that you have today, for yourself, for your business, that’s something that you’re proud of. Think of three reasons why you have that result today. Do you think you have that result today because you spent one weekend on some crash course being all in? Or is it because you have that result today by being consistent over time?

You see, whether it is getting more leads in social media, whether it’s building a following on Facebook or YouTube or Instagram, whether it’s being good in front of a camera, in front of a large crowd, whatever skill set that you want to master right now including getting more visibility comes down to consistency.

But here’s the problem. The problem is these are one of the most common things people say. They say, but I don’t have that audience yet, so I don’t see the reason or the payoff of actually doing that thing, which is posting that video, putting up that piece of content on Instagram, going on Facebook, because people are waiting to get that result first, and the audience first, and the following first, before they create good content. Now here’s the thing, this is not a chicken and egg thing, by the way.

That’s kinda like thinking how a superstar is saying, before I get my first music track up, let me get the millions of fans first, and then I’ll put my first song up. Does any of that make sense? That doesn’t make sense, right? You start even though when you have zero followers.

Now think about that for a second.

Every single Facebook page, every single YouTube channel, all started with literally zero. Like zero followers. That’s how I started off. Consistency is key to getting more visibility. And that brings us to number two.

To get more visibility, number two is about polarity. That’s right. Polarity is one of the most powerful things when it comes to securing attention. Today’s world, the people that gets paid the most will not necessarily, unfortunately, be the best at what they do.

The people who get paid most today in the online world are the ones who have the most attention.

Now think about that in terms of every single industry. Right, whether it was the Connor McGregor fight, how much did he get paid? Is he the best in that business? I don’t know, but definitely he was somebody who knows how to secure attention. How did he secure attention?

Polarity. Polarity is one of the most powerful things in marketing and the reason is because normal equals boring. Every single market, you need to understand what is the normal message that every market is talking about where the audience is constantly jaded by the message and you wanna start thinking about adding polarity into your marketing. Now when I say polarity, I’m not talking about going out there and offending people for the sake of offending people. But I’m talking about understanding that polarity is what causes people to engage, share, like, and comment.

Which is what all social media platforms care about. So think about how can you add polarity into your content? Think about what is normal. So for example, exercise. What is a normal, mutual safe message?

A normal, mutual, safe message would be like, how to lose more weight.

Normal, normal equals boring. However, what if the title and the border and the thumbnail actually says the real reasons why you’re fat. Now guess what? That is going to offend some people.

But I want you to understand this, love me or hate me, there’s no money in between. The reason why market is fail is because they want to play it safe, so they come up with some normal mutual message that hopefully doesn’t offend anybody. But they don’t realize that because of that, they end up getting nobody.

So polarity equals money. If you can start thinking about, same thing, whether it is money, and guess what, the more we talk about money, 100%, you’ll have people hating on you.

But hey, guess what? Polarity equals attention. And that brings us to number three. Number three is all about documenting what it is you are currently doing. Now most of the time when people start off, they say, but I’m not an expert, who’s going to listen to me if they don’t know who I am?

But who am I to publish videos, to create my book, but who am I to be doing all these things so that people listen to me. So here’s the thing. People don’t buy from you because they know who you are. People buy from you because you created the right message or the right offer at the right time that was positioned in front of them. That’s why they buy or invest in your product, in your solution.

So number three is about documenting what it is that you’re doing right now so that you can use it as an asset later on in your campaigns.

Now what does that mean? So right now you could be a coach, a consultant, where you are trading your time for money, which is cool, by the way. However, if you’re just trading time for money which is what 99% of the world’s doing, then there will always be a ceiling and a cap to how much you earn. However if you are documenting it, if you are documenting your training sessions, your coaching sessions, your consulting sessions, yes, you’re still trading time for money, but it ends up being a digital asset, and that is why in pretty much every single seminar, workshop, bootcamp, that I might do, yes, I’m still trading time for money, however I’m always thinking much bigger than that.

It’s like, how can I turn that into part of a course? How can I turn that into part of a traffic source inside social media? How can I turn that into a bonus? Same thing for my consulting clients. I’m always thinking how can I take those sessions and how can I turn that into a digital asset whether it’s a YouTube video like this one, whether it goes onto Facebook, how can I document it so that it becomes an asset that will work for me forever, and that is what I want you to start thinking about.

What are you currently doing in your life, where you’re just giving your time away, you’re just trading time for money, and how can you turn that into an asset that works for you? Whether you are a chiropractor right now, does the rest of the world know what it is that you do and the result that you generate? Are you showing them literally behind the scenes how you are cracking somebody’s back? What if they could see that through Facebook live or Facebook videos where you’re actually showing them behind the scenes what you do, and this is what you look at in order to prescribe that solution.

So wherever you are right now, you’re totally new, one of the things you have to be doing right now is at least document what it is that you do.

All of the different speeches, guess what? Some of my best selling books today? You know how the books came about? I’m not particularly good at writing. Perhaps I can give a keynote speech somewhere.

I took that speech, pass it on to a professional writer who turned that speech into a book.

So that speech that I did once, that traded time for money, became a book, and that book became an asset that worked for me forever. Same thing, how can you start thinking about documenting what you do so that it becomes an asset for you forever? Hey, I hope you got some great ideas from this video, and if you like this one, as always, click on the subscribe button, did you hear, let me know in the comments, what are the different things that you are committed to doing right now now that you have watched this video. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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