What’s your number one challenge when it comes to affiliate marketing right now?

Tip number one, invest in you. If you ever have to choose between investing in equipment, or investing in you, always choose you. And why? Because, with a digital marketing training, you’re going to know what you’re doing and you’re gonna be able to pivot, adapt, overcome, change funnels, change business models and you’re going to be in the front line of change as the world is turning.

If not, you’re going to be left behind. So digital marketing training is tip number one. And I’m going to give you free workshops that are linked down below in the description of this video to get you started.

Tip number two is finding your niche. Ask yourself these questions: What am I passionate about? What is my expertise? And what demand in the market can I serve? A bonus tip for you is to use the free tool on TRENDS.GOOGLE.COM to do market research.

Tip number three is finding your target audience. Ask yourself, who am I going to serve? What’s their problem that I can solve? And a bonus tip is develop your why while you’re still small. Because it’s easier to turn around, change, and adapt, if you have a small audience compared to a large one.

What do you think is your audience? For example, young people moving to their first apartment. What challenges are they facing? How can you serve them and solve their problem? Or maybe parents with toddlers that have absolutely no time to cook, or maybe your target audience is motorcyclists of a certain motorcycle brand that love cruising around in Europe.

Whatever you do, find a specific target audience in that niche and start serving them. What’s your biggest ‘Aha!’ moment so far in this video? Put a comment down below.

Tip number 4, where does this audience hang out online? Because that’s where you want to be too. Is it TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube? Find the platform that they’re hanging out on, and start building your content there. Building your content, building trust. And if you’re growing organically, this is going to take a while.

If you have a paid marketing strategy and a budget, you can learn how to place ads on this platform and start marketing your content in your affiliate links with a budget.

But do remember that, influence comes before income. That’s a bonus tip as well. No matter if you’re growing organically or on a paid strategy, influence comes before income and learning the art of influence is part of digital marketing training. The first tip that I mentioned.

Tip number 5. Now that you have found your niche and your target audience and the platform that you’re going to go for the one strategy platform that you are going to start with, it’s time to grab a couple of affiliate links to get started already today. And these affiliate programs need, of course, to be in line with the niche, the audience that you found. I, for example, help you grow your influence and income online on YouTube by creating great videos. So, of course, I’m an affiliate for Tube Buddy, I am an affiliate for Vid IQ and for Canva, and also, of course, for the mentors, because I know the value of online marketing training.

Now, I hope you know what to do next in order to start affiliate marketing within the next year and start earning online. All the best. Good luck and See you on my next article.

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