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Instagram Call To Action Buttons For Leads [2018] Business Profiles #SocialSelling

Did you know that Instagram just added buttons to help you generate more leads? Social media lead generation, to get you more leads and more business! This super-useful information is based on a post by Jenn Herman on the Social Media Examiner blog.

I’m going to share my favorite quote from the blog, and then I’m going to describe three key points: what buttons are available, how you add them, and how best to use them. I’m going to end with an action step that you can take today, so stay tuned!

Here’s the quote: “Adding action buttons to your Instagram profile makes it easier for your business to drive conversions and for your customers to interact with you directly.

It’s a win-win feature that’s sure to help your business grow and generate more revenue. Now on to those key points. The first one is – what buttons are available? They are call, text, directions, email, book, buy tickets, start order, and reserve.

Some of these are pre-selected in third-party apps. If you choose Open Table you can get the “reserve” action button automatically. Now let’s talk about how to add them. This is the second key point. On mobile, go to your business profile (not your personal profile) and click Edit .

That’s edit profile, not the gear option. Scroll down and select Contact Options. The option is not visible on desktop so don’t look for it there.

See step by step instructions and detailed information on third-party apps in the blog post. The third key point is how to maximize results.

Jenn offers valuable tips on how to really take advantage of these Instagram button options. Here are her a few of her suggestions: put a call to action in the post caption to call or email or reserve; use Instagram stories to remind people to visit the profile and tap that action button; put a call to action to email or call or whatever in the bio; offer coupons when they book on Instagram; and also create urgency when coupons are about to expire or ticket sales end. Now for that action step. I strongly recommend that you go and add your phone number or your email as a contact button on your Instagram business profile. Make it easier for those prospects to buy.

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