All right, so today we are going to talk about the highest paying digital marketing skills in 2020 and beyond. At least a six figure job that is considered highest paying or a high paying job, and unless you live in San Francisco, then a hundred thousand dollars you are considered low income, unfortunately, so highest paying job when it comes to digital marketing, the number one thing that is always in demand is someone that is not only just a good marketer, but a good manager as well.

Every time I talked to the CEO out there, they’re always asking hey Eric, I’m looking for a VP of demand generation, a VP of marketing, a VP of – it’s always a VP of marketing in some way, shape or form. And these VP of marketing’s, they’ll get paid, you know, 100,000, $150,000 plus, sometimes even up to $500,000 plus, depending on the company that you’re working for. If you can somehow marry your marketing skills with management skills, that’s where you truly create leverage because you know how to manage people.

That’s worth a lot, the fact that you’re actually good at your job and you can manage people, that’s, that’s icing on the cake right there. So if you can manage to do that, that’d be great. I recommend reading a book called the high output management. That’s by the late Andy Grove who ran Intel and, becoming a good marketer just listen to marketing school or you can just look at this channel and then you’ll continue to get stronger at that. The second thing I would say is paid media.

So one of the biggest, the second biggest thing that people are looking for is always paid media managers. These are people that are managing the Facebook ad accounts or to Google Ad accounts to Amazon ad accounts, Pinterest ad accounts, all these different ad accounts. They know how to be dynamic with those accounts. And these people are always in demand. And these can pay anywhere from, you know, we’re talking on a low end maybe if you’re starting out, it could be $35,000 a year up to, you know, over $100,000 per year, depending on, depending on your experience.

Now, if you want to be really good, I would say another high paying digital marketing job is an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketers can be good at paid media, but they know how to maybe leverage other people’s email lists and be creative with the, you know, their media buys out there because they know that they’re getting paid on performance. So you know, their vested interest is to find a campaign that performs really well. And just do, you know, double down, triple down, quadruple down on it. So Affiliate marketers are you know, something, not a lot of people talk about them because I feel like marketing is kind of a dirty word, but if you leverage it in the right context for the right company.

You’re going to be able to go really far with it.

The fourth thing I’ll say is copywriting. So check out the book, the boron letters, or check out the book breakthrough advertising. But the best copywriters in the world, they can make over six figures for one sales letter because one sales letter can generate a ton of revenue for a company. Even if you don’t become a really good copywriter and you just read these two books, you get a little better at it.

It’s going to take you a long way. It’s going to teach you how to write good headlines and teach you how to get people to take an action from your ad, and that’s going to be high value because you’re going to decrease your ad costs. And you’re going to be able to perform better when it comes to to sales. Now the other thing I’ll say is when you think about the role that’s going to continue to get bigger is data science, because people talk about machine learning, AI, they’re talking about all these different, kind of new technologies coming out.

When you think about technology, data and technology go hand in hand.


So. You know, the best companies are going to have data scientists crunching the numbers and crunching the numbers to draw really good insights out, and then be able to make those, make business decisions that are going to drive we’re talking massive kind of revenue differences for the business in the longterm. So I recommend checking a company out called data camp. There’s a lot of free data science courses out there online that you can just Google as well. But data scientists, I mean, that role I don’t see going away for a while.

A long time maybe ever. And I think it’s going to become more and more in demand. Just like engineers were in high demand and still are in very high demand.

Back when, you know, the internet started becoming a thing and back in maybe an Intel days too, but data scientists, I think that’s going to become bigger and bigger. I remember when I worked with data scientists, the insights that that person drew out, man, they were killer and he gave me so much confidence to move forward with my campaigns.

And it made a world of difference for us and helped us be really, really profitable. So final thing I’ll say is SEO. Microsoft actually listed SEO as the number one job in demand or the most useful job, I think over the next five to 10 years or so, which I find fascinating cause my background started in SEO as well because the best entrepreneurs I know are actually good at SEO.

They understand SEO, they understand business, they understand culture, don’t understand recruiting. Sure.

They understand the other like paid media and all that too. But you layer it on with the SEO, you’re playing a completely different game than everyone else. Sure. You know, there’s real estate moguls out there. They understand, you know, they have the relationships, they understand where, you know, where they should be buying a property, what type of property they should be buying and all that.

that’s a lot more competitive. I didn’t want to play there, but if you understand SEO well on the strength of a website, you can. Basically say, I’m going to go buy all these websites, I’m going to combine them together, and then I’m going to make, I’m going to make this giant website that gets a ton of traffic and I know how to grow the traffic too that is a very, very strong skill.

So you, I mean, that’s a skill where you can make really good money doing it and eventually go off and do your own thing. When you become really good at when you become really good at SEO, all the SEO is, I’ve known that work, worked at big companies.

They’re now off doing their own things and you know, I can say it’s safe to save that. It worked out for them. So let me know in the comments what you think I missed in terms of these high potential digital marketing jobs.

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