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NO WORK REQUIRED | Make Money With Resell Rights Ebooks on Amazon, Ebay, & Clickbank

NO WORK REQUIRED | Make Money Selling Free Ebooks on Amazon & Ebay  (2021)

Today, I’m gonna show you guys a really unique way on how to sell information products with resell rights that allow you to earn 100% percent commissions on your entire funnel. So basically, what resell rights means is that you can get rights to promote the product as your own digital product. And, in some cases, with affiliate marketing products and courses, you can get resell rights which can give you 100% percent commissions, too, on the entire funnel, which includes up sales. So today, I’m gonna give you guys some tips which you can use to sell information products as your own, to have resell rights. So you can get to keep 100% percent commissions of the entire funnel, too.

Plus, if you’re struggling on how to get traffic to your office, and finding your own resell rights, products, and services, stick around to the end of this video. Because, at the end of this video, I’m gonna be sharing with you some new tricks on getting traffic, and about how you can get an information product which you can use as your own.

However, I must point out that there’s no guarantees that this method will work for you. Depends on your work ethics and other factors. Also, if you’re new to my channel, welcome.

I learned these skills from my six figure paid E-coach, and now I want to share with you the secrets with you, too. So to avoid missing out on future how-to tips on affiliate marketing, please subscribe if you haven’t already, and click on the bell notification button so you can get notified when a new video is released when I release them.

So, in case you didn’t know what an information product is, it’s basically a digital product that contains a training course. These courses solve a certain issue that someone has or wants to know more about. For example, how to make money.

The problem with these products is, it can take a lot of time and money to invest in making your own course just to sell. So that’s where resell rights come in. With resell rights, you can use the product as your own.

You’ll also get 100% percent commissions on the entire funnel. So to find products like this, you can go to a site called Munch Eye.

Munch Eye is an affiliate product launch kinda town, where you’re gonna find out when a new product are being released. With some of these products, you’ll be able to get an option to purchase resell rights. This is an awesome strategy to implement into your business. Because what this can potentially do for you is give you 100% percent commissions on any of the products and up sales that someone else purchases through your link. The problem is that most affiliates don’t know about that, and how to promote office with this strategy using resell rights.

Firstly, you need to set up what’s called a nanny page, where you catch up a person’s email.

You’ve probably seen this before. This is what’s called opt-in page. So this is the opt-in page where you’re gonna get the email from the person. And getting the email from the person’s really important, because it’s gonna allow you to generate leads.

And you’d be able to sell them more products in the future. When you capture a person email, you then need to create what’s called a pre-sell page. So what normally people do is they send traffic to the affiliate page, which is wrong. You shouldn’t be doing this. You should be doing what’s called a pre-sell page.

So you should, after the opt-in, they should be going down here to the pre-sell page. And then once they see the pre-sell page, they’ll be going back to the affiliate page like this. That’s how you should be doing it. And a lot of newbies, they don’t know how to do this, and they’re doing it wrong. These two pages are really important, because you are learning to capture that person’s email, because not many people will buy you through the link from the first time.

That’s why it’s really important to have this opt-in page here. It might take them a first time or a second time to buy from you. Pre-selling the offer is what a lot of affiliates struggle to do before selling. And once you master this skill, you could be earning money using this method. But as I said in the beginning, there’s no guarantees.

But it could be possible depending on work ethics and other factors. Another problem that a lot of affiliates face is actually getting traffic to the offer.

You wanna get traffic to this offer. And a lot of affiliates don’t know hot to send in traffic to the offer, which can be a big problem. But once you master the art of traffic, then it’s pretty easy to generate income from affiliate marketing.

You just need to understand how to generate traffic, create awesome pre-sell pages, and you gave to learn about how to create these awesome opt-in pages, too. Once you master these skills, they really help your own product, not resell product, you get to generate more commissions using the resell rights method. So I’d like to invite you to check out this amazing product by my friend Anthony Mancuso.

Anthony’s been using the same strategies that I just shared with you here on how to use reseller rights to make money online. And you’re also going to learn how to send traffic to the offer on products with resell rights, and how to create pre-sell pages.

Instagram Call To Action Buttons For Leads | Grow Your Business

Instagram Call To Action Buttons For Leads [2018] Business Profiles #SocialSelling

Did you know that Instagram just added buttons to help you generate more leads? Social media lead generation, to get you more leads and more business! This super-useful information is based on a post by Jenn Herman on the Social Media Examiner blog.

I’m going to share my favorite quote from the blog, and then I’m going to describe three key points: what buttons are available, how you add them, and how best to use them. I’m going to end with an action step that you can take today, so stay tuned!

Here’s the quote: “Adding action buttons to your Instagram profile makes it easier for your business to drive conversions and for your customers to interact with you directly.

It’s a win-win feature that’s sure to help your business grow and generate more revenue. Now on to those key points. The first one is – what buttons are available? They are call, text, directions, email, book, buy tickets, start order, and reserve.

Some of these are pre-selected in third-party apps. If you choose Open Table you can get the “reserve” action button automatically. Now let’s talk about how to add them. This is the second key point. On mobile, go to your business profile (not your personal profile) and click Edit .

That’s edit profile, not the gear option. Scroll down and select Contact Options. The option is not visible on desktop so don’t look for it there.

See step by step instructions and detailed information on third-party apps in the blog post. The third key point is how to maximize results.

Jenn offers valuable tips on how to really take advantage of these Instagram button options. Here are her a few of her suggestions: put a call to action in the post caption to call or email or reserve; use Instagram stories to remind people to visit the profile and tap that action button; put a call to action to email or call or whatever in the bio; offer coupons when they book on Instagram; and also create urgency when coupons are about to expire or ticket sales end. Now for that action step. I strongly recommend that you go and add your phone number or your email as a contact button on your Instagram business profile. Make it easier for those prospects to buy.

Digital Marketing Destroys Traditional Marketing


There are three reasons why digital marketing destroys traditional marketing, now remember back in the old days when I was doing traditional marketing. Now for some of the young guys watching this, you have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m talking about good old newspaper. Yes, we were running display ads.

And also I’m talking about like broadcast fax. No email, fax machine, but that’s how we used to do advertising and marketing before digital, before internet comes along. I think a lot of us take it for granted compared to what we have today compared to back then. Let me share with you the three reasons or what I call the three T’s why digital marketing is far superior than traditional marketing. First one is targeting, now imagine traditional marketing let’s say you’re driving on the highway you see these huge massive billboard right advertising certain things you see those in Vegas.

They still have those which is fine but it’s more like brand awareness but that’s traditional advertising a billboard you can’t really target who is going to see that billboard. You just write there, if someone sees it good, if someone doesn’t see it you don’t really know but with digital marketing with online you can precisely target exactly who do you want seeing your offer, seeing your website, seeing your business or seeing your bundle. You can choose example with Google AdWords, you can target the keywords that they’re searching, you know the buyer intent and you can put your message right in front of there.

So that when they search the keyword they will find you or with Facebook you can also their precisely target exactly who you want, what are the interest, what’s that, that profile that you are targeting so you could target very precisely, exactly who do you want for your customers or for your offer that you cannot do with traditional marketing.

When we were doing direct mail, we can target a little bit, mean we can rent a list of potential buyers, you can we can send out those direct mail pieces, but it’s not very targeted.

And we don’t really know what happens, right. In the good old days, direct mail, we have a term called A-pile B-pile, meaning that people saw the the mail right next to the trash can, the garbage can, right where they know, okay, this is an ad, this is a flyer, this is something that doesn’t interest me, it goes in the trash can we call that the B-pile. The A-pile are all the personal letters, right, it’d be letters from someone that you know, or maybe statements and credit card statements and bills those will make it to the A-pile, as a marketer back then, when we were doing direct mail. The first goal is not to get people to buy, the first goal is to get people to make sure they don’t throw away our stuff, right? Make sure we make it to the A-pile.

So now with digital marketing, you don’t need to do that anymore. You can put your offer your product, your service in front of precise exactly who you want, when you want it, where you want it. You can choose country, you can choose demographics, you can choose psychographics, extremely, extremely powerful. Number two, the second T is tracking, not just that. So with direct mail, we can kind of track.

Okay, we send out 1000 letters, we send out 5000 letters, we send out 10,000 letters, we kind of roughly know that okay, out of the 10,000 letters we got so many order forms back.

Back then, that’s what we how we used to do it. They actually said people send back an order form or send back the money or call a phone number to to buy something but still not very precise with internet marketing. Oh my goodness! With digital marketing, you can track exactly what happens.

Where that buyer comes from, where that customer comes from.

You can even track their journey. Maybe they first saw this particular video and then they’ve opt into this particular offer and then they didn’t buy and when we run a retargeting ads and then they bought in this period of time or they bought because they saw email number four in your email sequence. You cannot do that with traditional marketing you could only do that with digital marketing that’s powerful and number three and that is the third T and that is tweaking. Now think about back then, if I’m doing a big massive billboard and if say, you know what, I don’t like the billboard I’m changing my message or now I have a different offer.

What do I have to do? I’ve got to take out the whole damn Billboard. I got to replace everything at the reprint everything, with digital, if there’s an ad that I’m running, I don’t like I can change it just like that. I can split test different ads at the same time have an A/B testing or been marketing call the A/B testing we can tweak different things or my webpage I’m testing on a different guarantee a different price point.

Run traffic to it and I will know.

Now traditional advertising, anything that we do, there’s a huge delay in terms of time, that gap that makes it very, very expensive and very costly. So the benefits of marketing online and all those things you can target, you can track and you can also tweak very quickly to get better result, that’s the upside. But there’s a downside, the downside is everybody could do the same thing. So the marketplace is getting way more sophisticated, your competitors, they are getting more sophisticated, there are more ways for them to compete with you, anybody.

I don’t care how big you are.

You could be running a pretty big company, it doesn’t matter. A 17 year old kid living in a basement could compete with you. So knowing that yes, with the technology digital marketing has so many advantages. At the same time, knowing that it changes all the time that you have to do more to keep up the pace to have that leading edge and always say if you not the lead doc. The view is always the same.

If this is the first time you are watching my video, make sure you hit the thumbs up and comment below. And also hit the bell, turn on the notification and subscribe to my channel. Every single day, I upload a new video for you to give you the motivation, to give you the inspiration, to give you the distinction and wisdom that will help you to take whatever is that you do. I don’t care if you’re starting out.

I don’t care if you’re still working a job. I don’t care if you have a business that’s doing sort of model level, I’m certain you’ll learn something from it. With that said I got to get back to my game.

5 Steps For a Successful 2022 | Affiliate Marketing Tips 2022


What’s your number one challenge when it comes to affiliate marketing right now?

Tip number one, invest in you. If you ever have to choose between investing in equipment, or investing in you, always choose you. And why? Because, with a digital marketing training, you’re going to know what you’re doing and you’re gonna be able to pivot, adapt, overcome, change funnels, change business models and you’re going to be in the front line of change as the world is turning.

If not, you’re going to be left behind. So digital marketing training is tip number one. And I’m going to give you free workshops that are linked down below in the description of this video to get you started.

Tip number two is finding your niche. Ask yourself these questions: What am I passionate about? What is my expertise? And what demand in the market can I serve? A bonus tip for you is to use the free tool on TRENDS.GOOGLE.COM to do market research.

Tip number three is finding your target audience. Ask yourself, who am I going to serve? What’s their problem that I can solve? And a bonus tip is develop your why while you’re still small. Because it’s easier to turn around, change, and adapt, if you have a small audience compared to a large one.

What do you think is your audience? For example, young people moving to their first apartment. What challenges are they facing? How can you serve them and solve their problem? Or maybe parents with toddlers that have absolutely no time to cook, or maybe your target audience is motorcyclists of a certain motorcycle brand that love cruising around in Europe.

Whatever you do, find a specific target audience in that niche and start serving them. What’s your biggest ‘Aha!’ moment so far in this video? Put a comment down below.

Tip number 4, where does this audience hang out online? Because that’s where you want to be too. Is it TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube? Find the platform that they’re hanging out on, and start building your content there. Building your content, building trust. And if you’re growing organically, this is going to take a while.

If you have a paid marketing strategy and a budget, you can learn how to place ads on this platform and start marketing your content in your affiliate links with a budget.

But do remember that, influence comes before income. That’s a bonus tip as well. No matter if you’re growing organically or on a paid strategy, influence comes before income and learning the art of influence is part of digital marketing training. The first tip that I mentioned.

Tip number 5. Now that you have found your niche and your target audience and the platform that you’re going to go for the one strategy platform that you are going to start with, it’s time to grab a couple of affiliate links to get started already today. And these affiliate programs need, of course, to be in line with the niche, the audience that you found. I, for example, help you grow your influence and income online on YouTube by creating great videos. So, of course, I’m an affiliate for Tube Buddy, I am an affiliate for Vid IQ and for Canva, and also, of course, for the mentors, because I know the value of online marketing training.

Now, I hope you know what to do next in order to start affiliate marketing within the next year and start earning online. All the best. Good luck and See you on my next article.

Tips On How To Maximize Organic Traffic | Holiday SEO


The holidays are a beautiful time for SEOs and marketers. Especially for those in ecommerce and affiliate marketing. It’s that time of year when people spend tons of money to buy gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. And going a bit over budget is pretty common. In fact, in 2019, American consumers planned to spend around $942 on just Christmas gifts alone. Now, you could easily go and spend your ad dollars during the holidays to boost sales. But CPC and CPMs are usually much higher during this time which will dig into your profits. Or you can implement some dead-simple SEO strategies to drive organic traffic to your site holiday after holiday after holiday. So in this tutorial, I’m going to cover some simple SEO tips you can implement for the holidays that’ll help you rank your pages higher at arguably the busiest seasons of the year.

It’s important to note a couple things about doing SEO for the holidays and this will help us set realistic expectations for the SEO tips I’m about to share with you.

#1. SEO takes time. So you need to actually plan and implement your strategy in advance.

For example, a lot of ecommerce sites will begin promoting the next holiday soon after one passes.

#2. Holiday-related queries are seasonal – obviously. But what may not be obvious to some is that many of these queries are freshness-dependent. And that means, these pages need to be updated.

And we’ll go deeper into this for some of the SEO tips. Alright, so let’s get started with the first holiday SEO tip and that’s to add internal links on high-authority pages to your holiday pages. So for a lot of sites, the home page is going to be your most linked-to page. And with backlinks comes authority. So by linking out to these holiday pages and posts, you’re effectively passing PageRank to URLs that could use it during that time of the year.

But you shouldn’t stop at your homepage. You should also look for other relevant pages on your site. To do this, go to Google and search for site:yourdomain.com and then the name of the holiday. And this will show you pages on your site that mention the holiday name.

Now, you don’t necessarily need to use the holiday name. If there’s a specific product or type of product you’re promoting over the holidays, then you can run different searches for those. So I’ll just change the holiday name to the name of a product I want to promote and run the search. Then it’s just a matter of visiting the pages and adding relevant links if possible. Now, again, just because you do it, it doesn’t mean that things are going to change instantly.

Consider doing it around 1-2 months in advance if possible or after the previous holiday season. And this will give Google and other search engine crawlers time to crawl those pages and discover the new links. Alright, the next tip is to find seasonal topics and create pages for them.

Now, while there are some businesses that actually see a decrease in revenue during the holidays, most consumer based businesses have seasonal pages they should be creating. Let’s take a not so obvious profession as an example, like dentists.

You might think that this profession doesn’t have much to do with any holidays because it’s an essential service and if you can afford it or you’re insured, you’ll probably go. But did you know that there’s a huge spike in Halloween dental-related queries every single year? And there’s actually even more searches for Christmas dental queries. In fact, both of these queries have hundreds of monthly searches in the United States where search intent is mostly based around dental tips and ideas.

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And a key thing to note is that search volumes in SEO tools are based on 12 month averages. Meaning, there’s going to be way more searches that happen in that 1-2 month period, than for the rest of the year, making those months potentially very high traffic. So to find keyword ideas for these pages, you’ll need to start with a list of seed keywords. So I’d start by listing out the different products and/or services you sell. For example, if you had an ecommerce store that sold consumer electronics, you might add in things like air fryer, headphones, laptop etc. Next, you’ll need to run these keywords through a keyword research tool.

And I’m using Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer. So I’ll just paste in this list of keywords and run the search. Next, I’ll head over to the Matching terms report. Now, to narrow in on relevant queries, I’ll hit the Include box and paste in a list of holidays. I’ll also hit the Any word tab and apply the filter.

And now you’ll see a list of relevant keywords to your products and services along with their metrics. Now, relevant keywords to holidays don’t have to include the actual name of the holiday. It can be related to the person that people are buying for. Mother’s day and Father’s day are the most obvious examples. For example, if we use “golf” as our seed and go back to the Matching terms report, we can hit the Include box and type in phrases like “for mom” and “for dad. ” Again, I’ll choose the Any word tab and hit Apply.

And as you can see, we found out that “golf gifts for dad” seems to be a pretty popular query. Now, if I click on that keyword, you can actually see the trend of searches. And as you can see there are some noticeable spikes every year. One around June, which is around Father’s day, and one in December which is Christmas time.

Now, if you’re able to find some good holiday topics for your website, you’ll need to create pages for them. So you’ll have to do things like see if you can match searcher intent and analyze your chances of ranking for that keyword. And we have a full SEO course that teaches you how to do this so I’ll link that up in the description. And this brings us nicely to the next tip, which is to update your seasonal content to make it evergreen. An oxymoron, but hear me out.

It’s obvious why holidays are seasonal. And as I showed you before, there are usually huge spikes in search volume during the holiday season. But holidays like Valentines day, Mothers’ and Father’s day, Black Friday, and Christmas are always going to be big shopping seasons for the foreseeable future. And from an SEO perspective, search intent is unlikely to change much. So rather than creating new pages every year and deleting the previous year’s, create an evergreen page, keep it alive in the off season, and update it around a month or two before the holiday to give it time to rank.

In this way, you’ll retain the link equity, continue to build authority to that one page and hopefully appear at the top of Google for your query every year. And this is what both TechRadar, a content site, and Best Buy, an ecommerce site, have been doing on Black Friday every single year. And as a result, they get a ton of organic traffic throughout the holiday season. Now, if you’ve already created seasonal pages for previous years, it’s probably worth redirecting them to your evergreen page. For example, Indy Star created a video games Black Friday deals page in 2017.

And they created another one in 20201. Now, if I take these URLs and toss them into Ahrefs’ Batch Analysis tool, you can see the number of referring domains to the pages and see whether they’re worth redirecting to your evergreen page. Alright, the next tip is to improve click through rate or CTR. Now, whether CTR is a ranking signal or not, more clicks equals more visitors. And for commercial queries, especially during the holidays, that probably means a lot more sales.

Now, in order to improve your CTR in the SERPs, you have to test it because each SERP is going to be different. So one way to do this would be to test title and description combinations with search ads. But seeing as holidays only run for a short period of time, it might be tough to find a winning combination. So instead, you can use a tool like Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to see how your competitor’s paid ads have performed in search.

To do this, just take the ad URL from a competitor and search for it in Site Explorer.

Then head on over to the ads report. And you’ll see things like the actual ad copy, which you can use for inspiration, keyword metrics, and the percentage of paid traffic generated by a given ad. There are obviously tons of ways to experiment with title tags so if you want to learn more about that, then I recommend watching our video on how to write a title tag to improve CTR. These are just a few low-hanging tips to get more organic traffic during the holidays.


Top 10 Trends for Social Media, Search and Content, Marketing TV


SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS  – The first thing that I want to talk about today is the growing popularity of micro-influencers.

Influencer marketing became popular a few years ago and back then most brands wanted to work with big influencers or in other words influencers with 100,000 followers or more. However, in 2020 most brands actually preferred to work with smaller influencers and this is for a few good reasons, One of these reasons is the fact that micro-influencers have more engaged audiences. For example, when a micro-influencer publishes a post about 5 out of 100 of their followers will either comment or like that post.

But when a big influencer publishes a post about 1 person of 100 of their followers will either like or comment on their post. That is engagement in a nutshell and micro-influencers have proven to have a lot better engagement rates than bigger influencers.

Another reason why micro-influencers are so popular is that their audiences are a lot more targeted because micro-influencers normally serve a particular niche within an industry. So if you plan to do any influencer marketing in 2021 please consider reaching out to smaller influencers instead of the big influencers that are really popular in your industry. The second thing that I want to talk about today is social commerce. So what is social commerce? Social commerce is selling products via social media networks.

And social commerce has been around for about 5 years since 2015. Really the first social commerce feature was launched on Pinterest in 2015 when they launched buyable pins. So yeah since 2015 social commerce has grown a lot and in 2020 it became very popular.

And social commerce is available today on three different platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. So Instagram has been a very popular platform for social commerce but on the other hand, Pinterest is very interesting also because the average order value is the highest on Pinterest.

The next social media trend that I want to talk about today is live streams. So live streams have really grown in popularity this year. And I have heard that between 2019 and 2020 the number of hours watched on live streams has doubled. So yeah, that is a really huge increase, it doubled in one year. One really cool thing about live streams is that it is a lot easier to connect with your audience via a live stream than via a pre-recorded video.

Therefore viewer retention rates on live streams are a lot better and also viewer engagement is a lot higher on live streams.

So yeah, when you are planning your marketing activities for 2021 don’t forget live streams and try to plan at least a few live streams in 2021. If you are a YouTuber and you are watching this video and if you are struggling to get better viewer retention rates or if you are struggling to get more watch hours on YouTube, try to experiment with some YouTube live videos because I think you will be able to accumulate more watch hours via live streams than pre-recorded videos.

SEARCH TRENDS – The first search-related trend that I want to talk about today is voice searches. So what is a voice search?

A voice search is when you use your voice to search for information on Google or other search engines. And the number of voice searches has decreased drastically over the last few years because people are becoming more and more comfortable with talking to their devices.

And the biggest difference between voice searches and regular searches from a marketing perspective is that voice searches are normally longer and they contain conversational language. Therefore I think in 2021 you should optimize your website not just for regular searches and keywords but also for voice searches. So try to write more conversational text on your website and not just polished text and keywords in the old sense of the word.

The next search-related trend that I want to talk about today is zero-click search results. So, what is a zero-click search result? A zero-click search result is when you search for something on Google or another search engine and you get the answer to your question on your search results page without having to click anywhere. So this can be a little bit of a confusing concept therefore let me illustrate this for you. I searched for “what is digital marketing” on Google a minute ago and this is my search results page.

And as you can see here on my search results page there is a definition for what is digital marketing and this is pulled from Wikipedia.

So I got the answer to my question on my search results page without having the click anywhere, right? Zero click search results can be very confusing for marketers because us marketers, we like data, and we like to see website visits, we like to pay for ads using the cost-per-click method. However, zero click search results are not zero opportunity search results because they do create some good opportunities for marketers. If you structure your website in the right way so that it would be easy for Google to pull information from your website and present it to people who search for similar things on Google, then you will get a lot of exposure for your brand.

And you should keep in mind that Google actually likes zero-click search results and they are trying to improve them and they are trying to grow the number of zero click search results because Google’s number one priority is to help people find the information that they are looking for as quickly as possible and therefore Google likes to serve people answers to their questions on the search results page itself.

So yeah, please optimize your website for zero-click search results in 2021 they are very popular today and they are growing because Google likes them. Another search related trend that I want to talk about today is local searches. So what is a local search? A local search is when you add a geographical component to your search query.

So for example, if you search for “Italian restaurants in Toronto” because you added Toronto to your search query that would be considered a local search and you would get a list of Italian restaurants in Toronto and you would be able to see those restaurants on a map of Toronto. The number of local searches has been increasing over the years. And therefore in 2021 you should definitely make sure that your business is represented on Google maps and in order to get your business on Google maps you need to create a profile with Google My Business and also please make sure that you fill out your Google My Business profile completely with all the required information, make sure that you upload some pictures too.

So therefore when people do local searches in your town or your city they will be able to find your business but also your business will be represented very well in those local searches. but also your business will be represented very well in those local searches.

CONTENT TRENDS –  Now let’s talk about content and how content marketing has changed in 2020 and what that means for your content marketing strategy in 2021. So the first content-related trend that I want to talk about today is video marketing. Video as a format has been around for a very long time and we have used video for digital marketing for a very long time. However, in 2020 marketers really started to focus on video more than ever before. And I think one of the main reasons for this is the rise of TikTok in 2020.

So yeah, video marketing is definitely having a moment right now, however, you should keep in mind that it is a lot more expensive to produce a video ad because it is a lot more difficult to create a video about your product than a simple picture of your product. But if you have the budget try to include more video ads in your marketing plan for 2021 Because social media networks like video ads nowadays and video ads generate a lot more sales than other types of ads. The next trend that I want to talk about today is user-generated content. So, what is user-generated content? User-generated content is any content that is created by the users or the customers and is used by the brands for marketing purposes.

Marketers have started to focus more and more on user-generated content in recent years because user-generated content is more authentic, gets better engagement on social media and also drives better results when it comes to sales. Therefore, it is very important that you collect user-generated content so that you can use it for more effective marketing campaigns in 2021.

And the last trend that I want to talk about today is brand activism. So what is brand activism? Brand activism is when a brand gets involved in social movements in order to drive awareness of social issues such as gender inequality, climate change, civil rights.

Consumers in recent years have been more and more vocal that they want to buy brands that give back to society and that care about social responsibility. Therefore when you think about your marketing strategy for 2021 think about some activities that your brand can potentially get involved in, in order to have a positive impact on your society.

Digital Marketing Trends You Have to Know for 2022


2022 is coming to a close. And as we know, a lot changed this year, the pandemic and the economic shifts, in fact, saw more people working from home and spending less time going out. This had a huge effect on the digital marketing landscape, but what’s in store for 2022? What’s going to happen?

Let’s start with working from home. Working remotely has given people more flexibility.

It’s meant less time, or even no time commuting. This means that people are spending more time online than ever before. They’re searching for information and conducting more research for businesses and personal purchases. Consumers are using more subscription services for entertainment, fitness, and even business collaboration in droves. This is a fundamental shift in the way people spend their time.

In fact, the co-founder of Slack recently stated that 2022 provided a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-imagine completely how we do our jobs and run our companies.

They did a survey of 4,700 knowledge workers and found that only 12% want to return to full-time office work while 72% want hybrid remote-office working models for the future. An MIT researcher cited the huge value of gaining back an hour or more of time without commuting to work as another one of the reasons that working will actually look different moving forward. Think for a moment about the ways businesses and marketing have already been affected by this, for example, businesses relying on foot traffic in commercial centers and downtowns have had to rethink how they draw people in and find new ways to sell to them. Gig economy jobs, like food delivery, have flourished this year.

This will change the way people think about dining out even after the pandemic.

So restaurants will likely need to pivot for the long term. People working at home have led to more working out at home from treadmills to bikes, to online fitness classes. The wellness business also may never look the same. In the world of digital marketing, these behavior changes will continue to shape the way we do business online.

But that was 2021. And as we approach 2022, we outlined three trends that we really think will shape the upcoming year. And we also have a few tips on how Semrush can definitely help you stay on top of them. Let’s start with the first one: increased digital ad spend. Digital ad spending took a big hit early in 2021, but in many parts of the economy, it rebounded pretty fast as companies pivoted.

One recent study shows advertising on e-commerce platforms jumped almost 40% in 2021. That same study predicts another 30% jump in 2021 and will account for about 13% of U.S.

Digital ad spend. It also projects Display spend could increase 10%.

Brands need to make sure that people will actually find them across all of their channels. And this could definitely mean more digital ad spend. And with more ad spend comes also more pressure for SEOs and digital marketers to perform and execute well. If you look on our channel, we have hours and hours of video content aimed at helping you tweak and optimize your workflow. Our video on common SEO mistakes can definitely be a great starting point to make sure you’re set for 2022.

I’ll leave the link in the description, but also you can find it above me. And of course, if you don’t have a subscription to our all-in-one digital marketing platform, now is the time to sign up and start taking advantage of all of the Semrush tools we’ve designed to help you dominate your niche. Let’s move to the second trend. No more third-party cookies. The second development impacting the upcoming year might be the beginning of the end of the cookies world.

Chrome, in fact, starting in early 2022, will stop supporting third-party cookies. And we know that where Google goes, others often will follow. As Chrome and maybe others stopped supporting third-party cookies, your ability as a marketer to retarget and track customers and prospects will be affected in big ways. There’s a lot of confusion about what this will all mean. Does this mean the end of tracking altogether?

And what does it mean also for the end-consumer consent and what other tools exist to help to track users’ behavior in an efficient and ethical way? Expect a lot to happen in 2022 as marketers and experts Try to understand what a world without cookies will actually look like and be ready to adapt to this change.

And I’ll tell you, I’m sure that we’ll definitely drop in more on the topic as soon as all these changes become a bit more clearer. But in the meantime, I would love to know your opinion in the comments about what you think this is going to mean for the industry we work in. So I’ll be waiting for you in the comments.

Moving on to trend number three: Core Web Vitals. And finally, here’s another topic that you have definitely heard about lately.

Google has made changes to Core Web Vitals. It’ll be a huge deal in 2022, and you’ll want to pay close attention to it. In case you haven’t watched it, I linked in the description and also above me a video that we made exclusively about this core web vital situation because there are a lot of things that you definitely want to know about this core algorithm update that’s coming in May 2022.

Core Web Vitals will look at how fast pages load for the device you’re using, your phone, tablet or desktop, but it will go much deeper in analyzing a wide range of factors in the user experience. The key will be to fix all the problems that you have on your website. I hope you don’t have them, but if you have them fix them now before these changes actually take place in 2021. And if you don’t know where to start with all this fixing situation, I definitely think that summers can help you. In fact, our users can find our site audit tool.

You can find it near the bottom of our SEO toolkit. This tool allows you to stay on top of errors.

But also prioritizes issues on your site into three categories to help you make the most of your time. In fact, you’ll definitely have to start from the errors, then move into warnings, and ending up with notices that are the least problematic of all. Have you started making changes to your site yet?

If you have, let us know in the comments what you’ve done and how Semrush has helped you with that. So there you have it. These are three trends that we definitely think will shape the upcoming year 2022. And let us know in the comment, what you think three trends will be. What do you think will happen in 2022 and how you’re getting ready for that?

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Over the past few years, I’ve generated thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing but I get the question a lot, how do you actually get started?

So with that, let’s cut right over to the content. And then I’ve got some bonuses for you after the training. And there were two major things that changed my life.

Number one, that was YouTube, and the second was affiliate marketing. And the combination of those two things will what eventually allowed me to build a life on our terms and to create side income and passive income, and eventually a six-figure and multiple six-figure income just from affiliate marketing, and that’s what I wanna talk about today. And the way it all started was actually just like some weird experiments. In fact, this video right here, Gift Ideas for Him, was just a video that I did.

I was kinda learning that, okay, you can get affiliate links off Amazon about anything and they sell everything on Amazon.

And then YouTube’s also a search engine, so people are looking for stuff. So, if people were going, maybe it was like a wife or a sister or some female in somebody’s life or a male that was looking for gift ideas for anybody for a guy, that they would type that in YouTube and they could find that video. And then in the video, I just went around my house, and I was like, I’m a guy, I’ve got some stuff. So I grabbed some books and I grabbed some headphones and some different things. And I put those on a video and essentially, I just shot a video sitting on my couch, talked about a list of things, and put some affiliate links in the description, just said, hey, everything I’m talking about will be in the description below.

And side note, that’s my dog, Rosie. She’s an Apple Head Chihuahua, so she’s really cute and no real point with that, that’s just my dog Rosie. And then I remember though, I’ll never forget my first affiliate payment. And raise your hand if you’ve generated any money online at all. Raise your hand high if you generated.

That’s awesome. We’re here at VidSummit, like, a lot of people are raising their hand. And I bet you remember that first money you made though and I bet that it might have looked something kind of like it did for me and this was what it was, November 2nd, 2010, I made $2.12.

Okay. And so, you know, and that’s like, it seems insignificant but I really believe this. That’s so significant because that’s proof of concept, like that’s proof that it’s possible and really that we need to not despise small beginnings ’cause even if you can make a little bit of money, then you can learn more tips and more strategies and you can scale that. And so, when I saw that, I was, like, man, how do we take this to another level? And then from that time, it’s been absolutely insane.

In any given month, we got like 147,000 clicks on Amazon links, something like this is Amazon’s revenue, but we do something like multiple millions of dollars in sales for Amazon every single year and that generates a lot of top-line revenue and a lot of profit, and not just sales for Amazon. And then other affiliate programs, so this is like a completely different affiliate program doing, like, $54 every single day and it’s actually not really off new content. This is off of content that has been posted even six months, 12 months, two years ago, and you could see what that’s doing, and it’s actually just one video.

And we’re not really talking about ranking videos in search and discovery, but this video is about video editing software and that’s the affiliate commissions from talking about some different software, and that’s the power of just one ranked video. We got a lot of views.

But with high views and the right optimization, you can generate some real income. This is an entirely different affiliate program, like, $15 every single day, passively off of some search in ranked videos that have been produced there, and it’s just one video about how to make bumpers and kind of like the animated intros and logos to your videos. So, if you’re new, and we’re gonna get into some advanced tactics, but just to kind of get us on the same page as it pertains to affiliate marketing, this is what affiliate marketing is. And actually, raise your hand if you started doing affiliate marketing. Wave at me if you’ve started.

Cool, so maybe like 50% of the room, and online, let us know if you can comment if you have done affiliate marketing. But affiliate marketing is when you review and recommend a product online and you earn a commission when someone purchases that product.

And so, another way to put it is, a cool way to make money, sharing the products that you love and use. Like, whatever you love, whatever your niche is, whatever you talk about, there’s probably an affiliate program for that. Like, whether it’s physical products, whether it’s digital, whether it’s software, whether it’s even services, even events oftentimes have affiliate programs.

And it’s really that if you generate business for anybody, you send traffic their way and there’s any kind of sale transaction that you can get a commission. And so, here is how it works. If you were to do it on Amazon, you can just sign up for the affiliate program and if you haven’t connected with Amazon in the Influencer page, Influencer Program here, do it before you leave VidSummit because now, they have so many cool tools for us as creators, like YouTubers, to set up our own custom page, organize products and things we love in a different category, so stop by their booth.

But you can just go to the Amazon Associates Program to get started, and it’s even in multiple different countries now, so you can sign up wherever you are based. And there’s something called OneLink and even things like Genius Link or Kit.

com, where you can actually sign up for lots of countries if you have an international audience. And going through OneLink, you can actually get paid from all around the world. So now, we get checks from the UK and checks from Canada being sent to us without actually doing new work, it’s super cool.

So you sign up, and then basically, you get, you sign up for an affiliate program, could be any affiliate program. And then you can be able to start creating trackable links, right?

So, trackable links that you could share in your YouTube description, but this will be true for, like, your show notes, for a podcast, or on your blog, or really anywhere, in an email that you send out to your newsletter. And in this case, on YouTube, you could put that link in your description and when some visitors click on that link, if they buy something, you make money. Pretty cool, right? Like that’s how you can do affiliate marketing. So those were the affiliate marketing basics, and keep in mind that that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I mean, we talked about Amazon, but there are so many programs out there. I mean, it’s almost like everything has an affiliate program, Nordstrom, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot. There are networks like rStyle or ShareASale or ClickBank, there’s a lot of other things that we’re gonna be covering in future videos.

But hey, if you got value out of this video, can you smash the Like button? That would mean the world to me.

And make sure you’re subscribed because in parts two and three, I’m actually gonna be breaking down how to make as much as six figures a year with just affiliate marketing, and I’ll link to that playlist on the YouTube card, as well as post it in the description below as well. Question of the day. Have you started affiliate marketing yet? And what are your biggest questions about it?

Strategies for Making Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing


I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years now but when I think back to when I got started, man, I was super frustrated. I wasn’t really getting clicks on my links, I wasn’t making sales and I didn’t really know what I was doing wrong and so I think you’re going to love this video and some of the insights that are going to help you get more views on your content and ultimately make more money with affiliate marketing even if you’re just starting so let’s dive into it.

Like, what are some tips that you would give both to the brand and also to the creator when it comes to making money as an affiliate? – Yes, I mean, for affiliate marketing I liked how you said you need to know how to convert. I think that it’s so important to really think about, essentially, the customer journey. There’s actually a really good article to look at by Think With Google, they go deep and they studied one, like, SUV purchase and they studied how many touchpoints this woman made and it was over 400. And of course, that was a much more expensive purchase, like $35,000 or something but I really like to think about, you know, all the way from what is the psychology of the person that’s searching the internet?

What is it they’re looking for? And so even for the creator and then a brand working for a creator just because you include a product in a video or even review a product, there’s some like very important, just, maybe subtle and small, like a call to actions that are important but they’re critical.

Like if you’re missing that thing and I think that’s that verbal call to action, that verbal education of hey if you wanna check out links to these resources it’s in the description below. Like if the creator misses the call to action, then there’s a disconnect to that affiliate marketing probably even being profitable. Furthermore, this is you know, you’re inside of my mind here if I think about kind of even why should someone click the link.

If you can layer on a reason why to say but hey don’t just take my word for it, if you wanna check out the links to this camera in the description below, read the reviews on the other side. And one of the things I’ve thought about where I actually, whether it’s good or bad, avoid products, I just don’t even make the video in the first place if it doesn’t have good reviews.

That’s the customer journey. If I’m like it’s great but then they click through and they land there and they’re like wait a minute, well then your integrity seems like, it’s just confusing why does it have two and a half stars? – And it might have a good product but horrible service and horrible logistics and then that destroy your credibility still.

So that’s literally thinking past your video and of course that’s also another tip I’d give to creators is that to really have integrity in the whole process, to of course always be transparent, to be authentic, to review products, or to be open with what’s good and what’s bad about them and so it is funny, I actually just avoid the product, I end up not making the video at all.

I only like, because why start the process unless let’s talk about something that’s really going to help people. I know maybe people need the reviews of stuff that isn’t bad but a lot of time I just like to find, and our promise is like, what’s the best camera for YouTube, we really want to narrow down like what are the three best options, really do our due diligence and then make those recommendations and then think through that like, entire kind of customer journey past our video because a great way to kill your brand is to recommend something, the same thing with your product, to sell some products that once people receive them, they’re like this sucks. – Yes this doesn’t work very well. Why did somebody tell me to buy this?

You have no longevity if everyone that is interacting with your stuff doesn’t see that the stuff you recommend is actually good and then I think the other thing is having, being a true practitioner. I think where we broke through in affiliates is a lot of people in the industry especially back when I started were preaching to others, their peers, who were really fancy, had a lot of technical knowledge, and who, of course, people that get into cameras and tech are usually kind of snobby about it, they’re whatever and so I kind of went the route of I’m not, I don’t know the best you know, filmmaking camera with the best, all of these details and color grading and, but what I know is that these beauty gurus, we went straight to YouTubers, people who did not want to be camera specialists but people that just were looking for tools that were easy to use, so it’s like empathy for the creator that’s like the flip screen matters, to be able to touch your screen and have it stay in focus matters, the mic input matters, user-friendliness matters.

And so it was interesting, I had to in the middle there endure some criticism from people like oh well it’s not the best camera and you’re like you don’t understand, you’re not my audience, like if you’re already off in this fancy world, that’s cool, but we really blew up by almost making it kind of like cameras made friendly, cameras made simple.

Cameras made for YouTubers that’s what it is. So I hope you got value out of that video and if you did can you hit the like button. And if you actually want to check out our jump start series with affiliate marketing, these were just a few kinds of overview insights and tips that’ll serve you but if you are looking for a more step-by-step approach of exactly how to use YouTube and affiliate marketing to generate sales, make money and build really a life and a business on your own terms, then I’ll link to that free series on the YouTube card and I’ll put a link to it in the description below as well. Question of the day, what is your YouTube channel about? Like what niche are you in? You know, I’m in the tech niche right, we talk all about cameras and gear and that’s a lot of what we talk about with affiliate marketing but I’d love to hear from you.

Experimentation is An Essential Attitude for Successful Digital Marketing Learn Why


Why experimentation is absolutely essential for successful digital marketing?

As I said before, digital marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. And in fact, one of the really amazing things about being involved in online marketing and working on a strategy when you do it is that you get real-world feedback.

And the only way that you get real-world feedback is to try things and to experiment. And so that’s why experimentation really is essential it’s very, very powerful.

But the bad news is that it’s not a one-and-done environment just because you’ve got a website upgrade but that doesn’t mean that you have an online presence. It takes communications, consistently like this, that’s kind of why I’m doing weekly videos.

I want to be here on a regular basis and I want to reach out and create a relationship. So digital marketing is not one and done. Your website doesn’t mean that you’re finished and even having done a Facebook live video doesn’t mean that you’ve done a video marketing campaign.

The good news is that you get to explore and you get to experiment and you get to find out things. Now a lot of people find that kind of experimentation to be scary there are all these payoffs like I’ve been talking about.

What I find and one of the reasons that we’re now doing monthly retainers with clients is we want to get to know their message, we want to get to know their audience and getting to know, in it implies a relationship. It means that there’s a give-and-take that you do things, you get feedback, you do things, you get feedback, you make mistakes, you correct them, you do things and learn. This work didn’t work so that’s why experimentation is crucial.

It’s the only way you learn, it’s the only way that you can discover and have an adventure with it.

And most importantly it’s really the only way that you can develop a relationship and see what works, see what connects and find out. So I’ll leave you with a quote, “success is not final, failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.