11 USEFUL Digital Marketing Tools When You Have No Team

I want you to try out these 11 useful digital marketing tools, especially if you have no team to help you out. Marketing has so many moving parts and it’s expensive to hire people, especially because of that great resignation that ended up happening and people can now work from anywhere. From writing ad copy to finding keyword ideas, warrior your content marketing efforts, there are quite a few disciplines that you need to work on when you’re running a marketing campaign. And when you’re a solo entrepreneur, or you’re a solo marketer, you need to navigate through these areas without embarrassing yourself or poorly crafting your marketing assets when you’re in front of your clients.

But here’s the thing, if you had to master all of these, you wouldn’t be able to run a marketing campaign before spending weeks all figure it out. But luckily there’s tools, so it can just speed up the whole process. And today, I’m going to go over them because they’re going to help you move faster, more efficiently, and on a budget. Back when I started doing marketing, there weren’t a lot of tools help me out. I had to do a lot of tests manually, literally, I was even copying and pasting a lot of stuff.

Some days I spent like five hours copying and pasting literally rows of items and just putting them into a spreadsheet. And while I could do that when I had just about handful clients, when I started growing things, it just became really tricky. And I don’t want to pay people to just keep doing all this off manually ’cause it’s a poor use of money.

If I didn’t hire people to eventually help me out and try to use tools once they existed, I wouldn’t have grown my operation to where it was today. Today, though, things are different and you have tools at your fingertips and you don’t have to go through the pain that I had to go through.

And best of all, some of them are free, so you don’t even have to spend any money. In other words you have no excuse, so let’s dive in.

Madgicx uses artificial intelligence to analyze your paid ad campaign and automatically fine tune it for maximum performance. Instead of spending all that time where you would be analyzing numbers coming up with the optimization plan, you can use Madgicx.

AnswerThePublic, this is another tool that helps you get different ways that people search and figure out how their mind works. So that way, you know what information that you need to create from a content standpoint. From answering questions that people have or comparisons or prepositions, you’ll find all of that and sometimes even thousands of variations in AnswerThePublic.

Next, you got Unsplash. When you’re doing marketing, you’re going to need lots of images whether it’s for your paid ads, social media or even your own blog posts, looking up images takes a lot of time, Unsplash is great and best all, it’s free. It doesn’t cost a hundred dollars a month or even a thousand a year anything crazy like that, it costs you zero.

Next we have, Hunter. When you’re doing marketing, you need to get in touch with different people. You want to really be browsing the web trying to find everyone’s email and searching for it, no, you just go in Hunter and it’ll tell you the email of that person who runs the website. And that’s cool, ’cause when you’re doing link building or outreach to the website owner, you’ll be able to get ahold of him much quicker using Hunter. It’s like magic for finding email addresses. And it has a free Chrome extension that allows you to search up to 25 emails a month.

Then you got Google Data Studio, which is also free. Imagine if you had a visit tens of different pages from your Google analytics, Facebook page insights, and other analytics solutions just keep an eye on everything. That’s just too much work.

These days, you don’t have to, it all fits into Google Data Studio. It’s a shortcut, let’s you put all your data in one place for free. You come up with a really nice good looking dashboards that will give you answers to any of your questions. It all is a great tool for reports for clients and you can even give them live access so they can just log in and see everything.

Now let’s look at AI tools that run serf analysis. When you’re creating content for SEO, you’ll have to find a lot of different topics on Google, do tons of searches to figure out not just what topics to write about, but what are your competitors doing so that way you can write way better content.

In the last few years, a few great platforms have come up and they do most of that work for you. And here’s some of the best platforms to check out, Frase.io, Marketmuse, Clearscope, a Seoscout, Grammarly. Grammarly is great, especially if you’re like me and you have terrible grammar and spelling.

And you know, when you think about Grammarly, it’s not really as is a marketing tool but you need good grammar. No one wants to read content that’s hard to read because of spelling and grammar, and it’ll fix all that for you.

The last tool I have for you, Ubersuggest Chrome Extension. Look, Ubersuggest great tool you can use it for free, but when you’re on Google and you’re doing your searches, and you’re looking up your competitors or you’re even on their website, wouldn’t you (indistinct) click a button and see all the SEO stuff. Well you can’t, with Ubersuggest you can click the U button when you’re on someone’s websites. It gives you all the data, or when you’re doing a Google search it shows you all the data there too..

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