Digital Marketing is about to change in 2022. E-commerce segments will continually see a boost in sales and traffic from digital marketing. Data from eMarketer, U.S. direct to consumer e-commerce sales including both digitally native and established brands generate $111.54 billion, making up 14% of total retail e-commerce sales.

Lots of people who weren’t used to purchasing online started doing so after the pandemic. So if you’re not online, you got to do so, you got to push it. And when we’re looking at commerce, we’re also noticing big booms in people hiring law firm, finding their local dentistry, they’re doing all their research online for even the offline businesses and we’re seeing that as a big trend.

The next good trend that we’re seeing in 2022, we’ve seen a boom in voice search. When we look at our clients at our ad agency NP Digital, we’ve seen a 6% already increase in voice search during pandemic months and that trend has continued.

And when people are doing voice searches, we’re also noticing the bigger thing is voice search for commerce and that’s where we get the 6%. So make sure that your clients are pushing and trying to leverage voice search commerce or you yourself, if you’re a store owner selling things on voice search, make sure you’re leveraging it. You can also get your podcast, your materials, your content on voice search, that’s another good trend that you should start leveraging and it’s extra traffic that you didn’t have. Another big trend that we’re seeing is, live videos are booming.

People are getting tired of the content that they’re seeing on Netflix, Disney Plus, a lot of these places aren’t keeping up with the demand, so they’re looking for live content.

We’re seeing live content doing around 13% better after the pandemic started versus before. So make sure that you’re leveraging live content and do it across all brands and you can leverage platforms like Restream to go after all the brands like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, so that way when you broadcast through all of them, you’ll do better and get a bigger audience.

Let’s go over to the bad. You can expect competition to increase in more niches. Companies were forced to go online after the lockdown and that just means, it’s going to take more time to get results, it’s going to be harder to get results and you just got to put in more effort and play the long game.

The ugly, the end of cookies in browsers like Chrome. Personalization for small businesses that don’t buy lots of data is going to be harder. Here’s what you should do, right? You shouldn’t worry about, hey, on the iPhone Facebook’s screwed, they can’t target as good so I can’t spend as much money.

Don’t worry about the things that you can’t control, let the platforms like Facebook and Apple and Google figure out those problems, that’s not anything that you or I can solve.

But what you should be doing is one, going omni-channel, leverage all the channels out there. It used to be where you can build a business off of one channel, Facebook grew through the invite flow through email, hey, John invited you to join Facebook, click here to join.

That doesn’t work anymore, that one channel isn’t an effective…

It just isn’t as effective as it used to be, so you have no choice but to leverage all the channels. The second thing you need to do because marketing is more competitive and expensive, is leverage conversion rate optimization. This allows you to spend more money on paid ads and scale up faster. And the third thing that you need to do is increase the average order value per customer, doesn’t matter if you’re services or you’re selling commerce, so you can do upsells and downsells if you’re selling physical goods, like Skincare by Elena, when she sells anti-wrinkle cream, she may upsell you on a vitamin C serum that also helps reduce your wrinkles faster.

And if you’re service-based, just when you close the business, add other products and services as quick as possible, so that way people are more integrated in your business which allows you to increase your lifetime buy of your user and spend more time and energy on digital marketing.

That’s what you should do to prepare yourself for 2022 and beyond.

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